In 2011, Andrew Black and Eric Bolyard met while cooking side-by-side at the famed Eleven Madison Park in New York City. The two cooks quickly discovered a common ground in both sophisticated flavors and unwavering standards. Their Brooklyn-based supper club, Tasting Society, was created as an outlet to showcase their own style, often serving rustic bread with whipped brown butter as a shared course. Their guests’ enthusiastic response and requests for more left them with no other option than to launch Black & Bolyard Brown Butter.


Inspired by the nostalgic act of butter slowly toasting on the stoves of professional kitchens, Black & Bolyard strives to bring these captivating flavors and scents to the home. We cook and infuse Grassfed, Non-GMO butter sourced from a single farm in upstate New York. Our process transforms whole butter into a more complex and rich browned butter - a deeply toasted version of its original form. We take pride in utilizing outstanding ingredients to craft our delicious, versatile, and unique products.

Andrew Black
Co-Founder | Prep List Champion

Andrew grew up in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert where all of those tall cacti flourish just like they do in the cartoons. Out West, he was raised on a natural diet by his hippie parents, but it wasn’t until he received a scholarship to Le Cordon Bleu for baking a chocolate lava cake that really defined his destiny in the food world. Yes, a cake with a molten center.

He worked his way through the ranks, becoming a sous chef at what many consider one of the finest restaurants in the world. With a desire to learn a new craft, Andrew began making chocolate from scratch for two bearded brothers, but opted only for the three-day scruff himself.

These days he often impresses his friends with a rare skill of being able to fall asleep at any time, on any surface. He’s not narcoleptic, he just works really hard.

Loves: sticky rice, street art, eating too much
Hates: shoes with laces

Eric Bolyard
Co-Founder | Self-Proclaimed Lamp Maker

Eric grew up more of the athletic-type conquering the most extreme sports like golf, table tennis, and badminton in middle school. He was nicknamed “Cookie Face”, which stuck for five years until he stopped responding to that delicious, but demeaning name.

How did he end up cooking, you might ask…by skipping culinary school and ditching his brilliant university education to slave away in hot kitchens, including some of the best in Spain, London, and Italy, of course. However, NYC remains his home and hipster or not, he is a very proud Brooklynite.

When not parlaying with chef friends, you might find Eric either riding his Vespa or drinking overly-spicy Micheladas.

Loves: squid Ink, the word juxtaposition, photo booths
Hates: unstylish living spaces

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