Our Story

  • 2011

    Two professional chefs, Andrew Black & Eric Bolyard, meet at a 3 Michelin Star restaurant in NYC. Their friendship grows and they start a supper club together. The menu changes weekly, except for the bread course: Sourdough with whipped Brown Butter & sea salt.

  • 2015

    Guests from the dinners rave about the food and can't seem to get enough of the Brown Butter. Black & Bolyard is founded to satisfy that demand. The chefs start making Brown Butter by hand, 40 lbs. at a time. Demand grows and they can barely keep up.

  • Today

    Black & Bolyard Brown Butter is made with attention to detail in small batches by caring people. Their products are sold in retail and foodservice nationwide. The co-founders are admittedly still addicted to the aroma and flavor of their product.

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