Brown Butter

Brown butter is an ingredient that has been used by chefs for centuries around the world to add delicious layers of flavor to wide varieties of dishes. It's a more complex, deeply toasted version of whole butter.

Black & Bolyard slowly browns and caramelizes grassfed, non-GMO butter from American farms in small batches. Our grassfed brown butter is nutty and toasted with a distinctive, rich depth of flavor. It's a perfect addition to any savory or sweet recipe and can replace whole butter anywhere that it is typically used. Try it with toast, fried eggs, sautéed vegetables, pasta, roasted meats and fish, popcorn, cookies, and pies.

Founded in Brooklyn, NY by professional chefs Andrew Black and Eric Bolyard. Black and Bolyard Inc. is the first to bring spreadable, ready-to-eat brown butter to home cooks, professional chefs, and bakers across America. Deeply Toasted Since 2015.