Brown Butter is for anyone that eats

It is a more delicious, deeply toasted version of butter that's spreadable, shelf stable, and ready to use in all savory and sweet recipes. We make ours from the highest quality American butter.

Professional Chefs call it their secret weapon. Bakers adore it. Now home cooks can use it as a shortcut to great meals. Use in place of ordinary butter to add layers of flavor in even the simplest every day foods.

and here is how you use it:


    Spreadable straight out of the jar. Try some schcmeared on your morning toast, muffins, pancakes, bagels, radishes, cornbread, burgers, and sandwiches.

  • MELT

    Melt and drizzle Black Truffle Brown Butter onto fresh popcorn. Also great over baked potatoes, rice, cheese ravioli, and scrambled eggs.

  • BAKE

    Swap Original Brown Butter for the boring stuff in all baked goods: cookies, pies, cakes, scones, caramels, crispy rice treats, crusts, fillings, and quiche.


    A few spoonfuls add layers of flavor. Sauteed fish with capers and lemon isn't complete without Original Brown Butter. Delicious on root vegetables, and shrimp too.


    Pasta, roasts, mushrooms, and leafy greens always welcome a little more complexity. Salted Honey Brown Butter-glazed chicken anyone?


    Let a scoop of Brown Butter rest on top of warm steak. Add some to a pot of beans for next level deliciousness. A spoonful over oatmeal and even ice cream should not be missed either.

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Our process is Simple. Simple is hard.

People often say "the best food is simple food," but what does that really mean? Speaking from experience, it means a lot of things, actually. Simple means: quality ingredients, proper technique, skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail, and restraint. 

These factors take time and experience to master. Considering all of that, simple can actually be pretty tough to achieve. Delicious, simple food means there's nothing to hide behind. The ingredients and preparation speak for themselves. 

Think about making scrambled eggs. Simple right? Yes, but with many opportunities for success and failure: choosing the right pan, quality of ingredients, amount of seasoning, managing heat, etc. 

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