What is Black & Bolyard Brown Butter?

Brown butter is a more complex, deeply toasted version of whole butter. Black & Bolyard precisely cooks and caramelizes grassfed, non-GMO butter from American farms. The milk solids naturally present in the whole butter are browned in the butterfat before being infused and seasoned. Brown butter can replace whole butter anywhere that it is typically used, while its intense depth of flavor should be enjoyed in both savory and sweet recipes.

How do I use it?

We encourage you to use Black & Bolyard Brown Butter in the same places you already use whole butter. It’s perfect for savory and sweet cooking. Schmear it on bread, melt it on meat & vegetables, sauce it on pasta, and bake it into cookies.

How long does it last?

Black & Bolyard Brown Butter is best if used within one year after opening. Through our unique caramelization process, all of the water naturally present in the whole butter is cooked out before deeply toasting the butterfat at high temperatures. This process increases our shelf life and surpasses that of ordinary butter.

Do I need to refrigerate my brown butter?

No, there is no need to refrigerate your brown butter. Our unique cooking process yields a delicious and spreadable brown butter that is shelf stable for a long time. The brown butter will be best enjoyed by the date on the bottom of the jar. We recommend keeping the jars in the pantry or on the counter away from intense or direct light.

What are the Ingredients in your brown butters?

The base of all of our brown butters is 100% American grassfed, non-GMO butter. Our Honey Brown Butter is made with Savannah Bee Co. wildflower honey and, of course, brown butter. 

Is there sugar in it?

No, we do not add sugar to our brown butters. Through our unique caramelization process, the milk solids toast and become naturally sweet, rich, and nutty. The deeply toasted brown speckles you see suspended in your jars are delicious milk solids which provide a lot of flavor in the brown butter.

What types of brown butter do you offer?

Original: Toasted & Complex – The original deeply toasted Brown Butter. Melt it on pancakes, brush it on grilled meats, and bake it into cookie dough.

Honey: Toasted & Subtly Sweet – Deeply Toasted Brown Butter with Wildflower Honey. Melt on pancakes, glaze on ham, and schmear on cornbread.

How does it compare to ghee?

Black & Bolyard Brown Butter is very different than ghee. We deeply toast high quality butter and whip the browned milk solids back into the butterfat. Our unique process creates an incredibly rich and complex brown butter, layered with flavor, unlike ghee. Our product is suitable for sweet and savory preparations and can act as a direct replacement for ordinary butter or ghee.

Why does it taste so good?

Black & Bolyard Brown Butter tastes great because it is has been deeply toasted to extract the most flavor possible from the milk solids naturally present in the butter. We keep these delicious milk solids in the final product because they have an incredible flavor that would be a shame to filter out. Throughout our long, aromatic toasting process, the the brown butter becomes rich, complex, and nutty.

Why isn’t my brown butter spreadable like how I tasted it in the store?

Brown butter behaves just like normal butter, therefore, when it is below room temperature, it will be firm and a bit difficult to spread. Simply leave your jar of brown butter on the counter for an hour or two and it will soften up. We take care to create that smooth, creamy texture like you tasted in the store, straight out of the jar.

Where can I buy it?

Black & Bolyard is currently available online here and at select retailers across America. Typically, you can find our brown butters in the refrigerated dairy section next to the other butters or on the shelf next to ghee or coconut oil in specialty shops. Check out our retailer map. Please email us if there is a store near you that you would like to see carry it.

Do you offer any other sizes than what's currently available online?

Yes, we offer larger options of our brown butter. Please email to inquire about pricing for foodservice.

Can I buy it online?

Yes! Black & Bolyard is available for purchase online here.

What are the nutritional benefits of brown butter?

Since our butter is grassfed, it is naturally high in heart-healthy vitamin K2 and omega-3 fatty acids. Also, our high-quality, non-GMO butter is rich in beta carotene, which converts to vitamin A in our bodies. 

What is grassfed butter?

Grassfed butter is often regarded as the healthiest type of butter you should consume due to the high concentration of healthy fats and fatty acids found in it. Grassfed butter is made from the milk of cows that are left on the pasture for the majority of the year to eat primarily a grass-based diet. This affects the flavor and color of the butter produced from their milk, usually yielding a more rich and yellow butterfat.

What does non-GMO mean?

Non-GMO means that no GMOs (genetically modified organisms) were used in growing and making the product. GMOs are organisms whose genetic makeup has been altered through mutation, insertion, or deletion of genes.

Is it gluten free?

Black & Bolyard Brown Butter is naturally gluten free, soy free, nut free, and vegetarian.

What does the black bowl symbolize in your logo?

Aside from the clever play on our co-founders names, Andrew Black & Eric Bolyard, the iconic bowl on in our logo represents the conception of Black & Bolyard Brown Butter during nights serving it at their Brooklyn-based supper club, Tasting Society, back in 2014. The nostalgic process of whipping deeply toasted brown butter in a large bowl got everyone asking why we weren’t making this for anyone else to enjoy. So we did just that.

How do you say Black & Bolyard?

It’s simple—“Black and Bowl-yard”. Our logo represents the first bowl we used to whip our brown butter for Tasting Society, our Brooklyn-based supper club and also happens to be a nice way to help sound out our last names (black bowl = Black & Bolyard)

What is your social media handle?

You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter at: @blackandbolyard

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