It feels like a magic trick every time. Brown Butter is a simple one-ingredient sauce, a chef trick that can transform all kinds of recipes, savory and sweet.


Brown Butter is a chef's single-ingredient secret


    Deeply toasted and caramelized Brown Butter is naturally more savory and sweet due to our careful, hours-long cooking process


    Brown Butter is tasty, no questions about it. It's no wonder chefs and bakers have used it to elevate their recipes for centuries.


    Our browning process transforms ordinary butter into shelf stable Brown Butter, so just leave your jar on the counter for ultimate convenince.


    Schmear it on your toast, melt it over warm oatmeal or pancakes, sauce pasta, meat, fish, and chicken, and bake it into cookies, cakes, and pies. The list goes on...

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What the Pros are saying...

Chefs, Restaurateurs, and Food Experts love Black & Bolyard Brown Butter

  • Lee Wolen, Chef & Partner of BOKA Restaurant Group

    “Black & Bolyard Brown Butter streamlines dinner for the family without sacrificing pro flavor and efficiency straight from the jar. Every kitchen pantry should have it.”

  • Michael Chernow, Restaurateur & Founder of Seamore's, Co-Founder of The Meatball Shop

    "For both the home cook and professional chef, Black & Bolyard Brown Butter makes adding incredible flavor to the simplest of dishes a breeze. I use it on everything from morning oats, to salad dressing, to finishing a ribeye fresh off the grill"

  • Harry Rosenblum, Founder of The Brooklyn Kitchen

    “Black & Bolyard has brought a product to the market that in the past was relegated to fine restaurants and careful home cooks. From morning toast, to sautéed vegetables and roasted chicken, you’ll run out of their brown butter long before you run out of ideas for how to use it.”

  • Ton Tassanakajohn, Chef & Owner of Le Du and Baan, Top Chef Judge

    “Black & Bolyard Brown Butter delivers the taste of fine dining dishes at home with little effort and time. It’s my ultimate solution for preparing meals outside my restaurants.”

  • Ben Ing, Chef & Owner Alberta's, Former Head Chef of Noma

    “Black & Bolyard Brown Butter has endless uses and adds rich complexity right out of the jar. It creates magic with the most humble ingredients, transforming them into world-class dishes.”

  • Ilan Hall, Chef & Owner of Ramen Hood, Top Chef Winner

    “Black & Bolyard has masterfully unlocked the hidden potential of a single ingredient with their brown butter. From melting it over fish or spreading some onto sourdough, Black & Bolyard is your best chance at achieving maximum flavor.”

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